Thursday, April 29, 2010

Newer Pics

We went to NYC for the first time with Tess about a month ago. We took her in for breakfast and stayed in ALL Day. She was wonderful and had such a good time!! We went all over Central Park and she saw so many animal and birds!! We took her into Tiffany's to make sure she knew what a good diamond looked like too! We're training her young to accept nothing but the best:)
She LOVES bathtime!!

There are so few days where she isnt happy! We're so blessed to have her in our lives and we both now understand that this little girl will teach us more about how to love than we will ever teach her!

You talk'n to me??!!

Two Peas in a Pod!

I'm Back!

I wanted to begin a new blog for quite some time now and I'm so happy that I did. I miss my old one and I wont go into the reasons why that one is gone (but its Rob's fault), I'm just going to say that I missed sharing my life with you and hearing what's new with yours. At this point, you all know that I'm in my 5th month of pregnancy. I officially found out that I was preggers on January 8th, but I knew it before taking the test! My body just was different and being that I was just pregnant I knew the feeling. In any case, when I actually saw that two lines I screamed so loud (actually it wasnt loud because Tessa was sleeping) and called Rob saying, "Oh My God" a million times. He didnt know how to react when I told him, he just said, "I'll be right home!" After the initial shock wore off, three days later, I finally accepted that my body was, again, going to change and that God put this little person in my belly for a reason.

THe pregnancy is the same as it was with Tessa. I havent been sick and feel, overall, really good. I'm so lucky because I see what my friends have gone through (poor Nichole) and I feel so badly for them. I mean Nichole's been throwing up since she mentioned the idea of getting pregnant again and Danielle has been in the hospital and on bed rest...God, I really don't take for granted how I've been feeling! At this point, all of the tests have come back negative and we thank Jesus every day for that. Our last appointment was about a week and a half ago and we found out that we're having a...............BOY!!!! The doctor said that he may not be able to tell but immediately he calmly said that it was a boy!! We both screamed sooo loud in the sono room! Tessa was with us and we scared the daylights out of her when we yelled. She started crying and we were in complete shock. I mean we both went into the appointment "KNOWING" it was a girl. We were prepared for that and both knew that he was going to say "GIRL." But right away Rob was sooo excited that he was gonig to have someone to bring to the Yankee games while I went to the spa with Tessa:)

We're very excited and cant wait. I feel him moving every day but there are already differences with him and Tessa He makes the doctor search and search for his heartbeat-he lvoes making me nervous already and he doesnt move as much as Tess yet. Who knows how this baby will be but it seems already that he's going to be a little more laid back than Tess; she's a firecracker! This girl never stops moving!! Its so wonderful to see her grow and look at the world with such curiosity. The daycare teachers just cant get over her. They laugh every day at things that she does because she's honestly hysterical, even at such a young age!! She crawlng, cruising around the furniture and wants to walk sooo badly. At this point, she's been off jarred food for about a month now and LOVES everything she puts in her mouth (except peas). When I say she loves everything, I mean it; She eats hummus, penne a la vodka, pizza, potato salad, you name it! I'll post video once I actually find out how to do it because you've got to see her.

I'm getting bigger by the day. Today is actually the first day that I am feeling a little limited by my belly. Bending over is not quite as easy and putting shoes on requires a little bit more effort. I've gained about 13 pounds so far and honestly I'm having a hard time with gaining weight again. I mean, I lost every pound and a couple more after Tessa and when I knew I was preggers I immediately gained weight. That was not easy to swollow. But then I think about this being the last time I'm going to be pregnant, I begin to cherish how I feel and realize that this is an amazing journey I am one with my son.

We don't have a name set yet. We loved Mason Cooper but have since gone back and forth with a couple of other names. We'll figure it out by the time he's born. He's due on September 22nd but they are taking me around the 15th because I have to have a c-section. I'm going back to work for about 2 days and then I'm out. I definently want to be out for a little longer this time because its going to be so much with having two so close together!! I would love to take the whole year off but thats just not going to happen.

There is sooo much that I can write but all in all you're updated on most of the latest news. I'll write more later on about how one of my students decided to poop in a teachers garbage can!!!