Saturday, March 10, 2012

What can I say?

Its been about 7 months since I've been on my blog and wrote anything! GEEEZ! I miss venting or just talking to my computer about whats happening with my family and me. To go through everything would be crazyness but as much as life has changed over the last 7 months (first and foremost-Im sleeping on a nightly basis), not much has changed. The kids are getting bigger by the second and Im so lucky to be there mommy. Our house is getting smaller and smaller with each second because the kids are growing so quick. We have less than a year in this house and Im more excited than ever to look for another house!

Im not even sure what to write because theres so much to get out. I honestly dont think Im going to write much. more than anything I just wanted to get back on here and write something! To all of my fans...IM BACK! I'll post pictures sooner than later...or at least, I hope so.

Love you girlies!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Potty Time!

Tess has gone pee pee two times on the potty so far!! Im trying to train her now and its not easy. She has a mind of her own and there is no one that is going to make Tess do anything that shes not ready to do. I really think that peeing will be fairly easy but "number two" will be difficult for her. Its a control thing and I've heard others say that their kid has had trouble with pooping. Let's see....

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Who Is My Child?

Im wondering who is the cute little girl that is sleeping in the very girly room? The girl who is sleeping in there was so friendly and never said the word "No" she never shoved her brothers head down when he stands, she never shoved him around or pulled every toy out of his hand. I dont know where that cutie pie went but I would like her back!!! Tessa has turned into a handful overnight. I make sure that I spend time with her alone so she knows that I love her because I feel like all I do is say, "No" and "Stop That" and "Please take your foot off of Jake's head!" Its crazy. She loves her brother and gets so happy when she sees him in the morning but give it 5 minutes and the new Tessa comes out.

What do I do with this new attitude? She screams in public now and doesnt listen! This is all new to me and so completely exhausting!!! Any ideas or thoughts?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I dont even know where to begin...i'll start with giving you an update on all of use, one by one.

He's 10 months old now and I cant believe how he's growing. Im trying to get him to say, "Ma Ma" but its not happening yet so I settle for hearing Da Da all the time! Its so cute when he does it too. Hes crawling like a champ and getting into everything that we dont want him getting into. For instance, he loves eating the cat food when we arent looking. And it takes him like all of a split second for him to get over to the dry food and take a couple of pieces into his mouth. Its gross. When I caught him taking the wet food thats when we moved it upstairs. When I say he puts everything into his mouth-its an understatement! When hes outside he puts acorns, leaves, toys, bottle caps, old OR new puffs, ANYTHING in his belly. Im waiting to see some of those items come out in his diaper but I have yet to see that. I'll keep you posted. Jake is pulling himself up and beginning to step in either direction in order to get something he sees. He's quite the cutie and no matter what he's doing he smiles if you smile at him. He's truly the happiest baby and nothing much phases him unless hes hungry or in a dirty diaper. This kid is my heart and soul and he will get whatever he wants from me because I cant take his smile and the way he looks at me.

Tessa "B"

I've called her my "Tessa B" since she was a few months old because I kept calling her my Tessa Beautiful or Tessa Baby and it eventually just got shortened to Tessa B. Shes the love of my life and brings me so much joy. She is the most perceptive little girl I've ever seen. She notices EVERYTHING...and HEARS everything. At this point she repeats things she hears whether she's heard it once or a million times. She's talking up a storm and sings her heart out all the time. Her favotire songs to sing are the a;phabet song, incy wincy spider and twinkle twinkle. Dancing is also a favorite past time of my little girl. NO MATTER where we are if she hears a good beat shes moving her hips to it! I love it! I wish I had that much fun in life!! Tessa loves being the center of attention (what 2 year old doesnt). Speaking of 2 year old...she'll be 2 Friday. My little baby will be TWO already. Its crazy to think that two years ago this coming Friday I gave birth to the best thing that even happened to me. Time is flying and I really want it to slow down.

Here are a couple of pictures for you. I'm going to make a slideshow and put it up for you because the post cant hold all of the ones I want to put up. So until then..enjoy!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Its been so long since I've posted and I'm so tired even writing this but I say that all the time so its no different than any other time of the day. I feel like the kids are growing sooo fast and days just pass by like nothing because Im working and theres never time to sit and relax. God, I cant wait for the summer to be here!!! At least next week is the week before spring break and we have 10 days to hang out in our pajamas all day if we want to. I definently chose the right profession to be in as a working mom. Im home before 3 on most day and get to spend time with the kids before they go to bed so its wonderful.

THey're getting bigger my the second. I took jake to the doctors today and he weighs 16lbs and 11.5 ozs. Last week he weighed 16 lbs and 4ozs. He eats like a maniac and loves every bit of food that I put in front of him. He's gotten two little teeth on the bottom and of course he's biting everything he could get his hands on. His sleeping has improved SOOOO much! I feel like a normal person most of the time. He did a complete 180 when we out him in his crib. We waited so long because originally Tess and him were going to share a room but his sleeping pattern was insanely crzy so we didnt want to wake her up all the time. So until he was 6 months we kept him with us in the pack'n'play. Looking back, all the poor thing wanted was room to move around in and we didnt realize that. But in any case, thank God he LOVES his crib and now he's got his own room and Tess has her's.

Tess is gettting smarter by the minute. I AM NOT KIDDING when I say that tonight she sang the ABC song with almost every letter! Im going to video it because it sounds like Im lying but she sang it with the right tune and letters. And then at the end she sang, "next time wont you sing with me." Did every syllable come out, no, but she tried to say every word and we knew exactly what she was doing. This was the first time I had heard her do this and I almost fell on teh floor. The girl says more words than I know what to do with. Shes putting 2 and 3 words sentences together and its the coolest thing in the world to see. She's growing up and I love watching her play with her dolls and interact with kids her age. Its amazing how much I love her and Jake-there are no words to describe how deep our love is for our children. Its amazing.

Rob and I are doing good. His business is doing fine and I'm working (but wish I wasnt). To All of my many followers-I miss you and would love to spend time with you. Once the spring vacation comes and especially summer then we will definently play. I'm barely keeping my head above water...or at least how it feels most of the time.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Jake's Laugh

Even though this was in the beginning of January there is nothing better than hearing my son laugh and smile. He's the second love of my life.

She repeats everything!!

She says so MANY words on her own at this point but the other night (which was before her haircut) she was repeating everything we say and we were laughing so hard!! Here's just SOME of the words!