Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Stranger and Seperation Anxiety

Tessa now shows such anxiety when Rob and I leave the room or even put her down so we can go to the bathroom! Its really hard. She's been sick for the last week and of course its been much worse with her being sick...I mean the poor thing couldnt breath and had an ear infection and just wanted to be held. So I understand her wanting to be with us when she's sick but now that shes better its not getting that much better. I know its completely normal and every kid goes through this in their own way but do I let her cry hysterical? For how long? I reassure her that we're here and Rob and I are trying not to pick her up everytime she cries...we simply get down with her and reassure her that we're not leaving. What do you think? What did you guys do? How long did this last for you? Its all new to us!!!

Last night we went for my 6 month check and the baby's heartbeat was really strong! yay! There's nothing better than to hear your child's heartbeat loud and clear! I've gained 20 pounds so far and definently feel like I've gained way more than that. Not only that but Im just so tired when I actually get a chance to sit down at the end of the night from working, Tessa and being preggers!! Thank God Rob is such a help because I just dont know what I'd do without him.

Another thing that absolutely helps is Tessa is sleeping through the night consistently now (it ONLY took about 9 and a half months!!!-yes, there's sarcasm in there). I mean she really has been sleeping well for months on end, however I couldnt wait until she could sleep through the night from when I went to bed to when I woke up. When it comes to her naps shes the best napper and Rob and I love that we can put her right down and she just goes to sleep immediately. I have to give credit to all the people who helped me do that!! ANd I know that if I went through the sleep training with Tessa I can get through her anxiety, right??

Sunday, May 16, 2010

This Weekend

My big cousin Allison! She's always so fun and wants to make me smile all the time! I love her!

Daddy and Tessa putting together our new cooler. Daddy wanted to see how much it could fit and Tessa seemed like the perfect fit!

Our little girl likes to point at everyone and everything she sees!

If only we can keep her this small forever!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

4 Generations of Women

Tessa's blessed to have three generations of women in her life!!

Playing with my Cousin Caleb

My First Time on a Swing!

We went to my friend Donna's 2nd birthday. It was at Hoyt Farm in Commackand there was so much to do while I was there. There was a mini farm and a big sand pit with toys, food, music and so many other kids to play with. I played and played and then slept all night long without making a sound.

Our day at the little Zoo!

We had so much fun looking at the llamas and goats and turkey!! I loved seeing and hearing the animals as I strolled along the walk with mommy and daddy. I cant wait to go again!!!