Sunday, September 5, 2010

5 Days left!!

I am so excited to meet this little guy who has been growing in me for 9 months. I cant wait to see the fists that have been hitting my right side forever now. At this point he is still breach and its too late for him to turn around-there is simply no room! So one way or another I would have had to have a C-section this time around whether I wanted it or now. I have to say, it does make things a lot easier knowing that Im going in on Friday morning and he will be here soon thereafter. Life is about to get extremely hectic again and of course its right when Tess is getting easier and she's on such an easy schedule...but Rob and I have never been ones to like things easy. We're always about challenges and Lord, this will be interesting!! Everyone says that its sooo hard going from one to two kids and Im sure that they are right, but i had a very hard time when I lost my freedom and independence after having Tessa. Now that I've adjusted to it I really think that things will be ok (chaotic, but not insane).

If any of you have any last minute pieces of advise pass it on!! I'm sure that I oculd use it.

Being that I havent been able to post as much as I'd like the next one will probably be a picture of Mr. jake. I cant wait for all of you to meet him!

Love you all and keep the three of us in your prayers on Friday morning.


  1. Have a date night before Jake comes.

  2. praying for you and your c-section tomorrow! love you!