Sunday, August 14, 2011

Who Is My Child?

Im wondering who is the cute little girl that is sleeping in the very girly room? The girl who is sleeping in there was so friendly and never said the word "No" she never shoved her brothers head down when he stands, she never shoved him around or pulled every toy out of his hand. I dont know where that cutie pie went but I would like her back!!! Tessa has turned into a handful overnight. I make sure that I spend time with her alone so she knows that I love her because I feel like all I do is say, "No" and "Stop That" and "Please take your foot off of Jake's head!" Its crazy. She loves her brother and gets so happy when she sees him in the morning but give it 5 minutes and the new Tessa comes out.

What do I do with this new attitude? She screams in public now and doesnt listen! This is all new to me and so completely exhausting!!! Any ideas or thoughts?

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  1. It's only the beginning!! Parenting is exhausting, but rewarding too!! There is a great book I did when my kids were toddlers called "Boundaries for Kids" by Townsend (I think that's the author). It was very helpful!! Parenting is the hardest job on the planet. You'll do great!! That's why I totally rely on the Lord, and ask him for wisdom daily!! Love you!!