Saturday, March 10, 2012

What can I say?

Its been about 7 months since I've been on my blog and wrote anything! GEEEZ! I miss venting or just talking to my computer about whats happening with my family and me. To go through everything would be crazyness but as much as life has changed over the last 7 months (first and foremost-Im sleeping on a nightly basis), not much has changed. The kids are getting bigger by the second and Im so lucky to be there mommy. Our house is getting smaller and smaller with each second because the kids are growing so quick. We have less than a year in this house and Im more excited than ever to look for another house!

Im not even sure what to write because theres so much to get out. I honestly dont think Im going to write much. more than anything I just wanted to get back on here and write something! To all of my fans...IM BACK! I'll post pictures sooner than later...or at least, I hope so.

Love you girlies!

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