Saturday, August 7, 2010


I went up a size in underwear and just so you feel REALLY GOOD about going up a size the company has put the size in THREE different languages: "Large" "Grande" and "Grand." I felt so much better about myself after leaving the store!:)


  1. honey ... just be thankful you are that size as a prego... some of us are that size all the time :(
    Love you... still waiting on some cash to send out Tessa's present and baby boy... I can't remember his name... I'll have to look again. What size is Tessa in now?

  2. Wow, Kris had no idea you were back to blogging!! So awesome to catch up on your life!! Tessa is so sweet!! And I don't know if you ever got my FB message, but I still can't believe you are having another one!! Congrats, and so happy it's a boy!! I love the name Jake!! So happy for you both!!