Friday, July 23, 2010

Tessa's Birthday Party

I put the pictures in reverse order but in any case you can see that she got tired after her 3rd or 4th outfit change! It was such a good day with great friends and family. I am so happy to have the friends and family that we have and that Tessa can look back on the pictures that Aunt Ingrid took. THey are so beautiful and she did this without asking...what a blessing she was on that day. We never would have gotten all the ones we did if it wasnt for her.

Tessa's so big and growing every day now. She's now walking on her own, but we have to remind her that she can or she seems to forget that she is fully capable of doing it.

She finally took milk out of the sippy cup today. I was worried that she would refuse for a while but thank God she finally took it, so my quest for ending the bottle is finally on the horizon.

Other than that, enjoy the pictures I posted. Those of you who were there thank you a million times over for being there, it was a wonderful day.

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