Monday, July 5, 2010


I'm so tired today. Its getting harder and harder to keep energy up now that Im 30 weeks pregnant and keeping Tessa happy, occupied and content throughout the day. She's such a good baby and Im so blessed that she's all over the place and never stops moving, but of course at the same time its just exhausting for me. I dont want to say it, but I look forward to our little boy being here because I'll have an easier time getting around, bending, simply just being. Its no joke being preggers with a baby so little ( know what Im talking about:). Its actually insane and the looks I get from people are a little rude and there are those people who feel it necessary to speak their mind when they see me with Tessa in my arms and an unmistakable belly full of life. Those people can bite me (Im saying this in the most polite way possible).

This baby is moving more and more and Im dying to see how big he's gotten on the 14th when we have a sonogram. Its been so long since I've had one with him and I laugh because I swear I had one every 3-4 weeks with Tessa because I called at the slightest wierd feeling and I wanted to make sure that everything was fine, but I just dont have the time to do that with this pregnancy. THere are days when I even ask myself, "did I feel him move?" And then I just wait and second and there it is...I feel a kick or punch! By the way, Christy...his name is Jake. Not Jacob..but Jake Robert. We're so excited to have him be part of our family and I'm most definently looking foward to life without a belly again!!

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  1. Kris, that is so awesome... Love the name Jake Robert... I can't wait to see what that little guy looks like.

    Girl I know exactly what you are talking about... people do look at you with this crazy insane look on their face seeing a baby with a full belly.

    Just remember, as you said, you have a belly full of life... and that is one of the greatest gifts you will ever receive. Especially because the Lord talks in Psalm 139 about the way he knits them together... and how He is there with that child... He dwells within you as you carry this bundle of life.

    Love you so much.