Saturday, July 3, 2010

No More Formula!!!!

I dont have to buy formula anymore...well at least for another 4 (or so) months! This is so exciting!! I didnt realize how amazing it is to simply pour milk into a bottle rather than mixing the formula. How amazing!! My baby is growing up and its crazy. I'm going to have a toddler in two weeks and an infant in two months. Life is officially insane and I better embrace the insanity. I pray that the Lord will give me the patience and grace to handle myself with poise and clarity over the next few months as time winds down with our family of three and turns into a family of four. Its been a little bit of a rough transition for Tess with being home and her schedule changing a little so my patience (and sleep) have been drained. ROb and I could use a night at a hotel just to simply sleep-trust me nothing else would happen, my belly is too big!

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  1. Kris, I wish I could be there to take Tessa for the night. I would do it in a heart beat. It is really important for you and Rob to get a night or two together alone.

    So will you be going back to work after this one is born? Have you landed on a name? Or did I just forget? I'll have to check your older postings.

    Love you